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Re: DNS resolution performance woeful while CRC is running in Windows

We add the VM's IP address to the vEthernet (Default Switch) to allow DNS to work for the crc.testing domain.
Not sure why the IPv6 addresses get enabled for you, but this might be a side-effect? However, we do not explicitly set those, so it must be what Windows infers?
We do perform lookups from the VM, but perhaps this might be blocked in your case and this causes timeouts? From the described behaviour it seems like this is happening (since stopping CRC restores this).

Setting entries in the hosts-file might be a possible fallback, as it also helps those who can not add nameservers to the interface. IIRC this is described in the documentation for VirtualBox use... in that case you can cancel the UAC popup that follows near the end of the start to prevent changing/adding the nameserver.

Can you file an issue on the tracker so we can prioritize this, but also add more information about the setup and discuss a possible solution?


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