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Openshift : Few questions

Hi All,

I'm trying to install OKD on my infrastrucutre. But I have some questions.

The Goal.
In a first step, I would like have a all-in-one.
In a second step, I would like add 2 nodes.

The Infrastrucutre.
RHEL 7 Servers with docker from the official reopository.
So I have 4 Hosts :
 - Dok001a : The Master/First Node.
 - Dok001b : The Second Node.
 - Dok001c : The Third Node.
 - NFS666a : The NFS server.

What I try.
To install :
- Using openshift-ansible. I have trouble with cgroup between kubectl and docker. And I'm a beginer with Ansible.
- Using oc cluster up :
    - I use oc from /pub/openshift-v4/clients/oc/latest/linux
    - When I make oc version, I get :
      oc v3.11.0+62803d0-1
      kubernetes v1.11.0+d4cacc0
      features: Basic-Auth GSSAPI Kerberos SPNEGO
To configure :
 - An LDAP acces.


- After I try to install it using Ansible, I see an export file with
  "/exports/registry" *(rw,root_squash)
  "/exports/metrics" *(rw,root_squash)
  "/exports/logging-es" *(rw,root_squash)
  "/exports/logging-es-ops" *(rw,root_squash)
  "/exports/etcd" *(rw,root_squash)

 I have a DO180 Redhat book and I don't see it.
 Why use this and wich size I must provide for this "disk" ?

- What the differences between :
  - Openshift.
  - Openshift Origin.
  - OKD.
  - Minishift.

- What is the best version to use ?
- For OKD, how to update it to 4.4 .

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