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Jenkins pipelines and finding images (OKD 3.11)

I am trying to setup OKD jenkins pipelines to make some builds using my
custom images as dynamically deployed pod's.

In the past, on „experimental” installation I more-or-less succeeded.
With slave image pushed to ImageStream like
    kind: ImageStream
    apiVersion: v1
            # This role was crucial for  autodiscover
            role: jenkins-slave
        name: my-debian-9-jenkins-slave
    spec: {}
and  jenkinsfile containing clause like
    agent { label 'my-debian-9-jenkins-slave' }
(or agent { node { label '… } })
my actions were indeed executed on pod dynamically 
spawned from my image.

But then I moved to more polished and official installation (which
technically differs mostly in more strict permissions and runs on true
hardware) and things stopped to work. Exactly the same yamls and
jenkinsfiles don't work anymore – looks like build spawns some default
slave instead of the one I created. And I can't find any kind of
diagnostics which would explain what's going on.

Of course I don't expect solution here, but does anybody have any
suggestions where to look for possible errors/warnings/diagnostics,
or what to read to understand what exactly is jenkins doing to
find the image and construct agent pod? Or maybe there is some
recommended syntax, good example or sth like that?

I am not attached to any specific syntax (also experimented with
podTemplate directive with similar effects), just would like openshift
jenkins to spawn and use slave pod using my custom docker image (and, in
some cases, my custom pod spec – so I can add some pvc and/or secrets)

Or maybe using jenkins pipelines is dead end and I should move elsewhere?

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