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Re: Openshift : Few questions

Hi Thierry.

On 07.04.20 22:16, thierry.leurent wrote:
Hi All,

I'm trying to install OKD on my infrastrucutre. But I have some questions.

The Goal.
In a first step, I would like have a all-in-one.
In a second step, I would like add 2 nodes.

The Infrastrucutre.
RHEL 7 Servers with docker from the official reopository.

Do you have OpenShift subscriptions?
I ask because you have RHEL.

So I have 4 Hosts :
  - Dok001a : The Master/First Node.
  - Dok001b : The Second Node.
  - Dok001c : The Third Node.
  - NFS666a : The NFS server.

What I try.
To install :
- Using openshift-ansible. I have trouble with cgroup between kubectl and docker. And I'm a beginer with Ansible.

What trouble do you have?
What's the ouput from a ansible run?
Have you followed the docs?


- Using oc cluster up :
     - I use oc from /pub/openshift-v4/clients/oc/latest/linux

What's the full URL?

     - When I make oc version, I get :
       oc v3.11.0+62803d0-1
       kubernetes v1.11.0+d4cacc0
       features: Basic-Auth GSSAPI Kerberos SPNEGO

Do you want to install OKD or OCP because for OKD is a version 4 not released?

To configure :
  - An LDAP acces.

Have you seen the docs for the config.



- After I try to install it using Ansible, I see an export file with
   "/exports/registry" *(rw,root_squash)
That's the registry storage.

   "/exports/metrics" *(rw,root_squash)
That's the metrics storage.

   "/exports/logging-es" *(rw,root_squash)
   "/exports/logging-es-ops" *(rw,root_squash)
That the elasticsearch stroage

   "/exports/etcd" *(rw,root_squash)
That's the etcd storage.

  I have a DO180 Redhat book and I don't see it.

If this is what you have then it looks to me that it does not explain the Installation of OpenShift.

Maybe the following courses can help you to understand the System part of OpenShift,

>   Why use this and wich size I must provide for this "disk" ?

It is generally not recommend to use NFS for some parts of OpenShift. Please take a
look into the docs for the components to see if NFS is recommend or not

- What the differences between :
   - Openshift.

That's the general name for all OpenShift flavors.

   - Openshift Origin.

The OpenShift Open Source Version.

   - OKD.

Renaming of OpenShift Origin.

   - Minishift.

Local running OKD

- What is the best version to use ?

I would recommend OCP (OpenShift Container Platform) 4.x. That's the commercial version of OpenShift.

- For OKD, how to update it to 4.4 .

New installation and deploy the apps on 4




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