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Re: Newbie [Centos 7.7] - OKD 3.11: Host network already using 172.16.x.x

Hi Denny,

Cluster network and portal network should not overlap with physical network.

You can setup networking of OKD in inventory file (osm_cluster_network_cidr and openshift_portal_net).

For example set osm_cluster_network_cidr to and openshift_portal_net which should avoid network

More details can be found in
https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/3.11/install/configuring_inventory_file.html (Table 2.)

Uz pozdrav,

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From:        "Denny Fuchs" <linuxmail 4lin net>
To:        users lists openshift redhat com
Date:        04.02.2020 13:12
Subject:        Newbie [Centos 7.7] - OKD 3.11:  Host network already using 172.16.x.x
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I'm pretty new to OKD and CentOs and dropped my test Kubernetes cluster.
I followed the small HOWTO from:
This is a small wrapper for the Ansible OKD.

My Test setup:

* 1 x Master
* 2 x Infra
* 2 x Compute

Ansible runs more (or less) without big issues over the nodes and brings
the most parts online: except the network.
I have a lot of messages like:

Feb  4 11:34:48 fra-test-node-master origin-node: W0204 11:34:48.663409  
 33214 cni.go:172] Unable to update cni config: No networks found in

but I've found it on many sites, and most of them says .. its pretty


94a0d2e374db4a71b81896)"), skipping: failed to "StartContainer" for
"controllers" with CrashLoopBackOff: "Back-off 5m0s restarting failed


Feb  4 11:36:16 fra-test-node-master origin-node: exec openshift start
master controllers --config=/etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml
--listen= --loglevel=${DEBUG_LOGLEVEL:-2}

Feb  4 11:36:16 fra-test-node-master origin-node: ] WorkingDir: Ports:[]
EnvFrom:[] Env:[] Resources:{Limits:map[] Requests:map[]}
VolumeMounts:[{Name:master-config ReadOnly:false
MountPath:/etc/origin/master/ SubPath: MountPropagation:<nil>}
{Name:master-cloud-provider ReadOnly:false
MountPath:/etc/origin/cloudprovider/ SubPath: MountPropagation:<nil>}
{Name:signature-import ReadOnly:false
MountPath:/etc/containers/registries.d/ SubPath: MountPropagation:<nil>}
{Name:kubelet-plugins ReadOnly:false
MountPath:/usr/libexec/kubernetes/kubelet-plugins SubPath:
MountPropagation:0xc4221fb160} {Name:master-pki ReadOnly:false
MountPath:/etc/pki SubPath: MountPropagation:<nil>} {Name:host-localtime
ReadOnly:false MountPath:/etc/localtime SubPath:
MountPropagation:<nil>}] VolumeDevices:[]
ReadinessProbe:nil Lifecycle:nil
TerminationMessagePolicy:File ImagePullPolicy:IfNotPresent
Stdin:false StdinOnce:false TTY:false} is dead, but RestartPolicy says
that we should restart it.

Feb  4 11:36:16 fra-test-node-master origin-node: I0204 11:36:16.863315  
 33214 kuberuntime_manager.go:757] checking backoff for container
"controllers" in pod

Feb  4 11:36:16 fra-test-node-master origin-node: I0204 11:36:16.863616  
 33214 kuberuntime_manager.go:767] Back-off 5m0s restarting failed

But however ... I think the big problem is, that the host network, where
I installed my test cluster, is 172.16.x.x which is the default for OKD.
I can't change the company network and also later the production network

So the inventory.ini looks like:




[nodes] openshift_node_group_name='node-config-master' openshift_node_group_name='node-config-infra' openshift_node_group_name='node-config-infra' openshift_node_group_name='node-config-compute' openshift_node_group_name='node-config-compute'



So my newbie question is: how to get around that or change the
addresses, which OKD can use, without getting routing issues ...

I think, I misunderstood the openshift_portal_net param, because after
change it ... and redeploy ... I had much more trouble:


It would be great, of someone could help me :-)

cu denny

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