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Re: Newbie [Centos 7.7] - OKD 3.11: Host network already using 172.16.x.x

Hi Denny,

Glad to be of help :)

With regards,

Vladimir Remenar
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Date:        07.02.2020 16:05
Subject:        Re: Newbie [Centos 7.7] - OKD 3.11:  Host network already using        172.16.x.x
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Hi Vladimir,

sorry for my late response :-)

Am 04.02.2020 13:57, schrieb Vladimir REMENAR:

> For example set osm_cluster_network_cidr to and
> openshift_portal_net which should avoid
> network

I want to say: thank you :-) the example was working. I changed in the
beginning only  openshift_portal_net but not osm_cluster_network_cidr.
So, after a clear install .. the cluster seems to be fine :-)

Next is to have a look, what I can do with it :-)

cu denny

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