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Re: [CentOS-devel] Update from CentOS PaaS SIG

Hi Sandro,

Let me clarify few things as i fear there might be some confusion. Even though is going to be a lot of history provided hopefully will help everyone to understand "why & where" questions.

The message we tried to send out with the blog post was to a) update on the current state OKD and maybe bring a bit more clarify around OKD 3.x/ 4.x and b) the PaaS SIG responsibility as well as the answer to the main question around OKD 4.x + CentOS base OS.

In terms of responsibilities i hope it was clear when we mentioned that PaaS SIG was dealing with building and publish the 3.x rpms into CentOS repos, that charter has not change.
As such the release process for building the 3.x rpms followed the bellow pattern:

Now since Oct 2018 no new tag release was created on [1] however the CI (same which build the OCP 3.11 managed by RH) evolved and switched to a different method where it no longer cut "OKD 3.11 tag releases" but it started to create artifacts on a rolling mode - e.g when new commits were/ are being merged into 3.11 OKD branch [1].
With that said the OKD 3.11 is formed by Docker images + the rpms generated by RH CI (same used by OCP 3.11) which are available at [4]

As you can see from above PaaS SIG was filling a gap with creating the rpms for OKD 3.x until CI catched up and started to build the OKD 3.11 rpms

With that said we - PaaS SIG - have no longer released newer 3.11 OKD rpms into CentOS repo after the switch over mainly because
  • the community or folks asking for newer OKD 3.11 rpms in CentOS went all quiet, in other words nobody was asking for anything new
  • the confusion on the OKD 3.x vs OKD 4.x and who does what etc => that was clarified with the formation of OKD Working group where things became more clear
Regarding your question around "how frequently the PaaS SIG is going to release and from which OKD branches" my answer is

Currently i haven't planned for any newer OKD 3.11 rpms to be built from [5] branch (not taking into account the release tag but the latest commit in the branch) and published into CentOS repos however IF there is a demand i'm happy to resurect and change the automation to get newer rpms built.

However i want to make it clear that if if the above work will be done, it will be as long as RH will keep supporting 3.11, when OKD 4.x will go GA then i think OKD 3.11 will no longer get updates.

I hope my long answer does clear any confusion.

Regarding "when OKD 4.x will be release, the cadence etc", as you all know substantial progress has been made (kudos goes to Vadim, Christian and Clayton + other RH folks on MCO team) and so everyone can already give it a try [6] and help providing feedback by raising issues on same repo [6] (in the near future i think the desire is to do it via BZ).
There are some hicups which Vadim is trying to fix it (many kudos to him) and so once that is done then we can share the news (with the OKD WG hat on).

Hope that help,

[1] https://github.com/openshift/origin
[2] https://github.com/openshift/origin/releases/tag/v3.11.0
[3] https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible
[4] https://rpms.svc.ci.openshift.org/openshift-origin-v3.11/
[5] https://github.com/openshift/origin/tree/release-3.11
[6] https://github.com/openshift/okd

On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 7:35 AM Sandro Bonazzola <sbonazzo redhat com> wrote:

Il giorno mer 8 gen 2020 alle ore 16:47 Gleidson Nascimento <slaterx live com> ha scritto:
Hello from CentOS PaaS SIG!

We have recently published an update on CentOS blog [1] about OKD v4 and its current state on CentOS.


can you give some information about how frequently the PaaS SIG is going to release and from which OKD branches?

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Sandro Bonazzola


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