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Re: configuring frontend 2 the openshift

Hi Kate,

Regarding part of question 2, it looks like you added an extra slash before /console, ie your error message shows "//console".  I tried it on my OpenShift 3.x cluster and having a double forward-slash at the front created the same problem.  So try removed that extra slash before, so that you end up with: yourhostname.com/console not  yourhostname.com//console

On Sat, 22 Feb 2020 at 00:14, Kate Brush <katebrush80 gmail com> wrote:
I'm running latest okd 3.11, start with oc cluster up --public-hostname=myip. It's for dev purpose

1. is it supposed to expose openshift directly to the internet ?
2. I need to use RequestHeader identity provider or set some header like CORS headers so I could login automatically from my webapp. Anyway it looks I need to setup apache working as a proxy. Do you know any examples or tips how to setup it ?
Currently instead of webconsole I'm getting json with message forbidden: User \"system:anonymous\" cannot get path \"//console\": no RBAC policy matched
Also there' re some warnings in the apache logs that downstream server need client certificate

I've read webconsole uses websocket then I suppose I should proxy it as well

Now I'm running openshift like oc cluster up --public-hostnam=my-external-apache-ip:443
I've modified openshift.local.clusterup/kube-apiserver/master-config.yaml and ouathConfig.masterPublicURL, oauthConfig.assetPublicURL, masterPublicURL change values so apache external ip is used

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