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Re: ocp4 no way to configure ROUTER_USE_PROXY_PROTOCOL

It looks like the proxy protocol is only supported on AWS. Maybe you should create a Bugzilla ticket requesting support for the proxy protocol in a general way? I will most likely need this myself in the future too.


On Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 17:22, Andreas Nussbaun <andreas nussbaum tuwien ac at> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well in these hard times.

We have a Problem in the use of Openshift4 -

In Openshift3 we could configure the default router with
ROUTER_USE_PROXY_PROTOCOL and the router in front of openshift with
send-proxy to

preserve the real Client IP for the applications running on Openshift3.

In Openshift4 this does not work, because the ENV variable is gone.

So we have no way to present the real Client IP to the applications.

Can anyone help or have any suggestions how we can achive this or get it
working ?

Thanks everyone



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