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Re: wait for build triggered by new-app

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 12:50 PM Just Marvin <marvin the cynical robot gmail com> wrote:

   I appreciate the pointer, but this doesn't seem to do the right thing. Here is the relevant portion of my code:

oc new-app --name=teams git@<enterprise git repo> -e MONGODB_USER=uuuu -e MONGODB_PASSWORD=pppp -e MONGODB_HOST=mongodb -e MONGODB_PORT=27017 -e MONGODB_DATABASE=teamdb --source-secret=<enterprise git secret>
#  Adding waits for teams and teams-1 because the build resource seems to be teams-1
oc wait build/teams --for="">

this line won't do anything, there's no build named "teams", only "teams-1" (and later teams-2, etc)

oc wait build/teams-1 --for="">

this looks correct

   And here is the output:

warning: Cannot check if git requires authentication.
--> Found container image 1db9786 (6 months old) from docker.io for "docker.io/websphere-liberty:javaee8"

    * An image stream tag will be created as "websphere-liberty:javaee8" that will track the source image
    * A Docker build using source code from git@<enterprise git repo> will be created
      * The resulting image will be pushed to image stream tag "teams:latest"
      * Every time "websphere-liberty:javaee8" changes a new build will be triggered
      * WARNING: this source repository may require credentials.
                 Create a secret with your git credentials and use 'oc set build-secret' to assign it to the build config.
    * This image will be deployed in deployment config "teams"
    * Ports 9080/tcp, 9443/tcp will be load balanced by service "teams"
      * Other containers can access this service through the hostname "teams"

--> Creating resources ...
    imagestream.image.openshift.io "websphere-liberty" created
    imagestream.image.openshift.io "teams" created
    buildconfig.build.openshift.io "teams" created
    deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io "teams" created
    service "teams" created
--> Success
    Build scheduled, use 'oc logs -f bc/teams' to track its progress.
    Application is not exposed. You can expose services to the outside world by executing one or more of the commands below:
     'oc expose svc/teams'
    Run 'oc status' to view your app.
Error from server (NotFound): builds.build.openshift.io "teams" not found

this error is because as noted above, build/teams isn't ever going to exist.
Error from server (NotFound): builds.build.openshift.io "teams-1" not found

this error doesn't make sense to me since new-app should have created the build already, however there is a bit of a timing window since new-app creates the buildconfig and then relies on the build controller to kick off the first build.  It's possible that new-app is finishing and your oc wait is starting, before the build controller sees your buildconfig and creates the first build (teams-1)

unfortunately I don't think oc wait can wait for a resource to exist, so you're stuck doing either:
1) a short sleep before you invoke oc wait, to give the build time to be created (easy, but potentially flaky)
2) an oc get loop that loops until the resource exists, and then you can start waiting on it.  (of course if you do that, you can also use a go template to extract the phase of the build once it exists and watch it yourself, instead of using oc wait)

deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io/teams patched
deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io/teams patched
error: timed out waiting for the condition on deploymentconfigs/teams
error: no matching resources found
route.route.openshift.io/teams exposed
route.route.openshift.io/teams patched
The teams api is now available at http://teams.<a domain name>

    At this point, I can see that the build resource has been created, even though the "wait" that I tried to put in place has not worked.

[zaphod oc3027208274 gatt]$ oc get builds
NAME      TYPE     FROM          STATUS    STARTED          DURATION
teams-1   Docker   Git b4dba21   Running   36 seconds ago  
[zaphod oc3027208274 gatt]$ 

     What am I doing wrong?


On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 11:52 AM Ben Parees <bparees redhat com> wrote:

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 11:34 AM Just Marvin <marvin the cynical robot gmail com> wrote:

    I've been trying to write a script that runs various commands following a new-app. These commands will operate on the dc created by new-app, but fail if the resources haven't reached the right stage, so I'd like to wait for the build to complete. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out the right condition to wait for using the "oc wait" command. Does anyone have a suggestion? Wait on the bc or the build or.... (and for what condition)?

oc wait build/buildresourcename --for="">

unfortunately that won't help if the build in question fails (Complete means success) so set your timeout appropriately.


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