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Re: [EXTERNAL] OKD 3.11 pull from external registry and image stream

I think your DC needs to be configured to pull from the imagestream




        - env:

          image: "docker-registry.default.svc:5000/myproject/myapplication:latest"

          imagePullPolicy: Always

          name: myapplication


          - containerPort: 8080



Otherwise you don’t need an imagestream.


You can configure the image stream to do pull-through:

apiVersion: image.openshift.io/v1

kind: ImageStream


  generation: 1

  name: myapplication



    local: false


  - annotations: null


      kind: DockerImage

      name: myregistry.mydomain.com/myproject/myapplication:latest

    generation: 1


      scheduled: true

    name: latest


      type: Local


The reference policy portion is the part that enforces a local copy of the remote image, and keeps you from needing to rely on a less reliable external docker registry.



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Hi All,

We are checking our helm configuration to deploy the images taken from an external registry.  We put into the image stream config and deployment config the link to external registry but the image has been deployed without fhe image stream update.


Is it correct this behavior?




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