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oo-install: Testers Wanted

[Apologies if this email shows up twice; I sent it to dev list once at it didn't post within a half hour so I'm trying again]

Hey all--
oo-install has undergone some serious work to support HA deployments. I would really appreciate some feedback on the installer, with a particular focus on:

1. Stability - did I catch all of the corner cases or can you "choose your own adventure" into a Ruby exception or unexpected behavior?
2. Usability - With the addition of HA, I would describe the number of configuration possibilities as "a whole lot". To a certain extent, this has forced me to expose more of the sausage making process to the user, but hopefully only in friendly and helpful ways.

If you want to take it for a spin:

1. Fork & clone [openshift-extras][^1] if you haven't already
2. In your local repo, set up a tracking branch for upstream branch 'installer_update_for_origin_v4':

`git branch --track installer_update_for_origin_v4 upstream/installer_update_for_origin_v4`

3. cd to [openshift-extras]/oo-install
4. Run `bundle install` once to set up the required gems

After that, you can invoke the installer with:

`bundle exec bin/oo-install`

And you can include any normal oo-install arguments right on the end of that.

You will need some test hosts with a minimal CentOS/RHEL 6.5 install. Passwordless SSH / sudo is still necessary but pre-installing any other packages is not; oo-install will offer to install packages for you.

Let's use this thread as a collection point for issues that you find so that I can run them down as quickly as possible.


[^1]: https://github.com/openshift/openshift-extras

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