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Re: Autoscaler can't get Current CPU utilization:

Oops, same here:

# docker images|grep metrics
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-heapster                      latest              ef2c651384be        2 weeks ago         318.6 MB
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-deployer                      latest              f6f6f2c429d2        3 weeks ago         609.6 MB
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-hawkular-metrics              latest              5b7d08159fa1        4 weeks ago         1.106 GB
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-cassandra                     latest              ecab30cafe2b        4 weeks ago         647.7 MB

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On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 12:22 PM, Lorenz Vanthillo <lorenz vanthillo outlook com> wrote:
Hi, Mateus,

I was doing some research and I'm using this image:
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-heapster                     latest              ef2c651384be        2 weeks ago         318.6 MB

But you told me to use this template:
docker.io/openshift/origin-metrics-hawkular-metrics             latest              5b7d08159fa1        4 weeks ago         1.106 GB


How did you change your configuration/template to tell origin to use that template.
It's not very clear for me with the use of the deployer-image.

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