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Re: Routing question

Hi Aaron.

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Von: "Aaron Rodriguez" <a12Rodriguez bop gov>
An: users lists openshift redhat com
Gesendet: 02.02.2018 17:34:06
Betreff: Routing question

I have set of secure, HTTPS, microservices that I would like to configure with reencrypt routes. Each of these will serve their API under the same hostname.

I have attempted to configure these as re-encrypt, path-based routes but the proxy returns 'Application is not available'.

If I disable SSL on the service and run HTTP only, then the path based routes work when configured as edge terminated.

Can someone confirm that path-based re-encrypt routes is currently not supported? Assuming that's the case, are there any suggestions for achieving this configuration?
I don't see in the current template any reason why it should not work.

Please can you give us more informations.
Please take care of some sensible informations, because this is a public mailing list!

* oc version

# I assume you run the router in the default project
* oc export -n default dc route > the_exported_route.txt

# search for the router pod
* oc get po -n default |egrep router

* oc rsh -n default <A_ROUTER_POD> cat haproxy.config > the_haproxy.config.txt

# when reencryption set
* oc rsh -n default <A_ROUTER_POD> cat os_reencrypt.map > the_os_reencrypt.map.txt

# when http only set
* oc rsh -n default <A_ROUTER_POD> cat os_http_be.map > the_os_http_be.map.txt

tar cfvz router-infos_001 *.txt


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