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Re: No persistent volumes available in OpenShift Origin 3.7.1

There’s a job that oc cluster up runs to create host PVs.  You may want to check that that job ran successfully.  I don’t remember exactly what namespace it was created it in

On Feb 3, 2018, at 1:10 PM, Tien Hung Nguyen <tienhng nguyen gmail com> wrote:


I'm using OpenShift Origin v3.7.1 Client and Server installed on my local Computer (Mac) via Docker on Mac. I started OpenShift using the command oc cluster up --host-data-dir /Users/username/oc-data and tried to deploy my appliocations using a .yml template. However, the deployment stucks because it gives me the following error:


  FirstSeen LastSeen Count From SubObjectPath Type Reason Message

  --------- -------- ----- ---- ------------- -------- ------ -------

  17m 1m 63 persistentvolume-controller Normal FailedBinding no persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set

After checking my persistent volumes with the command oc get pv, I realized that my containers don't have any pvs available (Message: No resources found. ). Please, could you tell me why the new OpenShift Origin 3.7.1 version doesn't create any pvs by default at the beginning?
When I used the old OpenShift Origin 3.6.1 version, I never had that problem when using the same .yaml template for deployment.

How can I fix that problem?

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