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Absence of master-config.yaml


I have been following the OpenShift Origin documentation, and I have tried to run OpenShift through the following methods:

1) downloading the binary (unpacked it in /opt/) and started from there
2) ran as a container
3) ran a all-in-one cluster as mentioned on this link https://github.com/openshift/origin/blob/master/docs/cluster_up_down.md#macos-with-docker-for-mac

It all runs well, and I can create sample projects and everything, but the entire documentation mentions to modify master-config.yaml for a number of things. And I cant find it anywhere. 

I tried to locate the file, looked inside /opt/origin/openshift.local.config/master and inside /var/lib/openshift as well, but its just not there on my system.

Is there a step I need to do to get this file? Because if I understand this correctly, in order to expose any service to the outside world, I need to modify the external CIDR in this file. 

Kindly help me in this regard.


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