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DNS lookup failures

I have been experiencing DNS lookup failures.  This is preventing production deployment of Openshift.

I see it in two cases, lookup of a remote docker registry and lookup of a ldap service.  Both of these are not local to the server(s) in question but local to internal DNS servers.


The ldap case is easier for me to replicate as I just need to attempt to login.



Feb 20 11:21:16 lab-stack1 atomic-openshift-master-api: E0220 11:21:16.924930    2005 login.go:176] Error authenticating "XXXX" with provider "ldap": LDAP Result Code 200 "": dial tcp: lookup ldap.xxx.xxx on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53: no such host

Officiated the user, provider name and host for security.


On xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53 is the master node which is running dnsmasq with the default configuration provided via openshift-ansible installation.


These get resolved for a while if I go on a host and do ‘host ldap.xxx.xxx’.  It then works for a while and then reverts. 


oc version

oc v3.7.0+7ed6862

kubernetes v1.7.6+a08f5eeb62

features: Basic-Auth GSSAPI Kerberos SPNEGO


Server https://lab-stack1.lab.c-cor.com:8443

openshift v3.7.0+7ed6862

kubernetes v1.7.6+a08f5eeb62


What are the next steps to try.  Using dig or host on the node in question always returns a valid lookup result.

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